Our goal:

Our goal is to produce the highest quality customized cabinetry for each client at the best price possible, with excellent, responsive customer service.


We produce some of the highest quality cabinetry available in the NYC metro area, at a price that is extraordinarily competitive. We are a relatively small local company and therefore provide more customization options and quality that ready-made companies cannot match.


We strive to stay abreast of contemporary innovations while preserving our traditional woodworking heritage. We are skilled at adapting and complimenting styles to existing spaces, and creatively addressing client needs.


We make custom woodwork simple. We excel at the art of listening to the client’s needs and providing expert input and direction. We provide sketches and allow for an interactive process of determining the right metrics, style and components for each piece in consultation with the client

We make custom woodwork simple. All of our styles are available at our showroom. We also provide sketches. Have any questions? We're always one phone call away. It's more than just building great woodwork, its about building long lasting relationships.