Center Of Woodwork is a family owned company. For over 25 years we have been catering the New York tri-state area with custom mill-work all of which is still made by hand.

We learned the basic craft of high quality cabinetry 30 years ago in Mexico. Our founder, Manuel Calixto Sr., has been a dedicated woodworker his entire life. After gaining experience in New York working with various cabinetry and woodworking shops, in 1990 the time was right for us to start our own business. 


Native is the neighborhood photography blog of acclaimed New York City-based photographer Saul Bauer. A lifelong New Yorker with a penchant for international travel, Saul’s style is best described as architectural portraiture. He just calls himself a street photographer.

Armed only with his trusty Canon Mark III and a variety of lenses, Saul has earned a place among New York’s most respected photographers.